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here is my truth [May. 7th, 2005|09:16 pm]


[music |lacuna coil]

As I open the crisp pages
A story is struck within these words.
The author has one message
In his/her writing,
The reader has quite another.
Bustling about like sheep in a city
Suburbia has managed to swallow us up
Overtaking the once formal,
And undeniable creativity
That once prevailed in society.
Now the writing bonus is received before
The thoughts are completed on paper.
What kind of institution have we created?
You can dye your hair and
Get as much plastic surgery as you please,
But stop the fake messages to our youth.
I read to make my dreams a reality,
If consciousness is just an illusion,
I have lost my only way of conformation
"I hold these truths to be self evident".